78 thoughts on “Peace and Quiet

  1. That is the goal. I like parks…always fewer bullies where there is peace and quiet 👍👍😎😎🙏🙏❤️❤️🤗🤗

  2. Wow. What a gorgeous place! I wish I could be there reading a book under the shade of the tree. Superb, Cherie.

  3. Clouds got tired of soaring and fell into the pond, little boat for the ones that can’t swim. Awesome photo. It is like an angry woman, silent but says a lot.

  4. I live on a Island, a big one, but still surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. I am content, I can walk a few minutes from my home, and sit by the water.

    • I am from an island too- the smallest one😉in Canada but I work out west and my happy place is near, on, or in salty water! I dream and meditate about it too, Stella- the ocean is in my soul and I swear its waters flows through my veins- you are blessed to get to be so close! i cannot wait to be seaside again!

      • Yes, I feel that way too! I can actually feel the ebb and flow of the waves in my blood. I lived in Ontario for over 20 yrs and I missed the Ocean, felt at times like it was calling me. We came home as often as we could. I am glad I got to retire here now and it is working out so well. I’ve spent time on the West Coast, have family on the Island there. I loved it there too!

          • I’ve got to look these places upon the map. I was telling Stella that I’d like to visit Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island. I’ll add Nova Scotia on that list!

  5. Yes, Newfoundland is very beautiful. Rugged and very scenic. Very quiet here too. A fantastic place to retire and recover!

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