How You Know Your Bullies Are Desperate and Panicking

The subconscious mind is a funny thing. And when we call out the deplorable behavior of bullies, their knee-jerk reaction is to get highly defensive. These people panic! they get irate, raise their voices, scream, curse, and call you the most horrible names in the English language. Even worse, some bullies get physically violent. Have you ever wondered why?

It’s because, in the deepest parts of their subconscious minds, the bullies know they are wrong, only they were counting on your silence to shield them from exposure and accountability. They didn’t get that from you (your silence).

No. You called the bullies out in public. You put them on blast- exposed them naked before the rest of the class, school, workplace, or community. Now, the bullies must put in a lot of extra work in order to do damage control.

You had to open your mouth. You challenged the bullies’ (perceived) authority. You refused to be controlled and had the gall to defend yourself (Gasp! How dare you!). And now, your bullies are scared to death. But more than that, they’re furious, and they’re out for blood this time. And you can be sure that your bullies’ fury has roots- and those roots are fear!

Bullying. Marginalized child. Concept illustration. Scene shows a child suffering harassment and marginalization from other children.

When bullies attack you the fiercest, that’s when you know they’re scared to death!

Think of it this way. When a warplane is over it’s target, that’s when the battle is at it’s absolutely worst. All at once, every anti-aircraft gun around ground zero unloads their full firepower on the plane. The enemy releases a fury unlike any other. Why? Because the plane is too close! And the closer to the target the plane gets, the worse the battle will rage.

It’s the same with bullies. When they know that you’re right over the mark and that you’re exposing them. They panic! Because they’re afraid that their skeletons just might come out to play and, boy! Do they come unglued and launch an attack like you’ve never seen! That’s when you know you’ve got your bullies figured out.

And when people get scared, they get desperate! And when people get desperate, they get crazy- they can even get dangerous!

Bullies know what happens if they are exposed. They risk losing face, then ultimately, losing power!

The second most common fear your bullies have is that you just might reach success of some kind and threaten their sense of superiority. Why, because, again, your success may help shine the light on the bullies’ own failures and shortcomings. It may cause others to compare the bullies to you and they just might figure out that the bullies aren’t so hot after all and that you aren’t so weak, dumb, and unimportant after all.

Therefore, again, anytime it seems that your bullies are attacking you the hardest and the most frequently- anytime the bullying you suffer is at it’s absolute worst- it’s usually because you’re onto something.

Do you see how this works?

With knowledge comes empowerment!

29 thoughts on “How You Know Your Bullies Are Desperate and Panicking

  1. A modo loro sono delle vittime, hanno paura 😱 sono deboli, ma per dimostrare di essere forti, reagiscono nel modo peggiore e sono assetati di sangue.

  2. Yes, tho it took awhile, I finally do see how it works. Everything they do these days is caused by their anger at me for getting away from them and any chance they may have had of attacking me, no matter how. I am so far out of their reach now, they have to still try thru the internet, but I am glad to see that don’t last either. Things are looking up for me these days!

  3. Understood quite a lot for my case. There is lot of similarities. Indeed Bully is afraid of getting exposed and I am unable to expose her in public, because of relationship.
    Thank you so much for sharing this post🙏😊👍🙏

    • This means a lot. 💖💐 I’m so glad this post has changed the way you think about why they escalate their bullying. Because, once I found out about this reality, it worked wonders for my confidence levels! 😊

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  5. Yes ma’am Cherie, they know when they are losing their grip because their audience begins to slowly disappear. They get scared when the veil begins to fall off their face, and the REAL them looks like Freddie Kruger! 👹 Scary! 😱 Yuck!!! 😝😤😡 Good post girlfriend!!! 👏🏼🤗💖🥰🌺😎💐🌞

  6. Very, very helpful! I have been reading everything I could my hands on about bullying. I do a lot of coaching and consulting at work on the subject of bullying and mobbing because of working in employee relations. I have also been bullied at work for many years. Everything I read bascially says leave and find another job because of how clever these people are. And, believe me in my role at work, I have seen some shoking lying folks in high positions. This is the first time I have received hope on how to defend myself and that is bascially knowing as long as I continue to be intentional about doing the right thing for me and not get caught up in the emotions of it all then “what was done in the dark, will come to light.”

    • Thank you so much! 💖 And thank you for sharing your experiences, Doris! School bullies are bad enough but workplace bullies are far more sophisticated with their tactics. I’m so sorry you were bullied. I’ve been there too and it’s a battle like no other. Know that you’re among friends here and you’re welcome here anytime. 💖💐🌻🌺🏵

    • Absolutely they are! 💯💯💯 If they weren’t, they wouldn’t feel the need to go around beating their chests and trying to show the rest of the world how tough they are.

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