Bullies, Psychopathy, Ego, and Moral Superiority

Bullies have low self-esteem, and they love to project their self-esteem issues onto other people. Bullies also have unrealistic negative views of the morals of their targets and unrealistic opposite views of their own morals. Bullies will also end friendships with friends, even life-long friends, who dare to have positive associations with their targets.

Many bullies love to virtue signal and trumpet their own “moral superiority,’ especially over their targets. Many bullies become social justice warriors and moral crusaders, which is all for show.

They purposefully bring up offensive topics and attack others, especially their targets, over differences of values, convictions, and opinions. Realize that the feeling of moral superiority feels good- it feels empowering. Virtue signaling and moral crusading are all done out of low self-esteem and to prove something.

The unwritten message is, “Hey! Look at me! I’m fighting for justice, so, I’m not such a bad person after all!” Bullies will say that the world sucks and needs to be changed, to send the message that they’re better than everyone else. In feeling better than everyone else, bullies get to avoid feeling so crappy about themselves.

And they can violate rules and laws because they think they’re exempt from them, but if they ever see you do it, they’re quick to call you out and crucify you for it. Bullies feel that they can do any damn thing they want but nobody else should have that luxury. It’s an example of the self-entitlement and privilege these people think they have the right to bestow on themselves.

Bullies have highly needy egos, and the ego is the source of bullying, abuse, meanness, and hatred. Bullies hate and want to hurt their targets because, in most cases, their targets are antitheses of them. Bullies want to destroy their targets in the delusion that they would feel better afterwards. But we know that they would only feel better for a little while, then they would feel the need to search for another target.

Understand that bullies are psychopaths, and they love only themselves and have no regard for anyone else. Any morality and ethics they claim to have is only a mirage. They and hate any person who dares not to agree with their grandiose views of themselves.

Bullies are masters at faking the good guys. They lie without a conscience, saying anything they think will make them look good in the eyes of others.

They try to look intelligent, and it may work for a little while but eventually, they end up doing something or saying something to reveal their stupidity. Bullies will flip flop, saying one thing now, then saying the opposite later, thinking (or hoping like the devil) that you’ve forgotten what they said the first time.

And when you have the audacity to call them out on their BS, they will throw a real monster of a tantrum and attack you to try and shut you up. Bullies are in constant need of praise. They expect people to uplift their egos and put them on a pedestal.

Bullies are simply hate-filled individuals who put on a farce of being good, upstanding people to win admiration, and with it, raw power.

When targets learn the tactics of these ego-driven psychopaths, only then will they be able to take back their personal power and send these bullying creeps packing!

With knowledge comes empowerment!

13 thoughts on “Bullies, Psychopathy, Ego, and Moral Superiority

    • You and me both, Molly! It turns my stomach to see people virtue signal! It just screams “Fake!” 🤢🤮🤢🤮And YES! It’s a BIIIIIIG red flag!

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  2. Oh my goodness … this really spoke to me … sounds like my ex and others in my life! It is so spot on … thank you for educating others as well as providing that “validation” for victims of bullies. (… that we do know what we see, feel, witness, and experience ~ as the bullies will and do twist reality.)

  3. I particularly noticed this with dissenting opinions. If a popular person has a dissenting opinion, then that person is praised for standing up for his beliefs. If a target has an even slightly dissenting opinion, the knives come out.

    • Bingo, Michael! It’s not the belief being held, the action being carried out, or the words spoken, it’s the person it all comes from that prompts others how to feel about it.

  4. What an enlightening, inspiring, and informative read.
    When a victim is able to understand the bully it becomes easier to face them. Since they appear to be powerful and mighty, yet deep within they are helpless and feel worthless.
    Thank you for a great post 😃

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