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This is an awesome post by Michael LeFevre, AKA 80smetalman. Here, he discusses how the rights of women and girls are being trumped by the transgender movement and also the Islamophobia and racism cards. It’s well worth the read if you’re concerned whether your daughters and granddaughters will get a fair shot in life in the sports and corporate divisions. Here’s what Michael has to say:

No, I’m not talking about Donald Trump, I’m talking more about trump cards in card games in relation to all the things I mentioned in my last post. That post and this one was inspired from a post from fellow blogger Chateau Cherie. I covered the first part of her post last week, when she talked about how she thought that allowing trans-gender athletes to compete as women will set women’s sports back one hundred years. However, at the end of Cherie’s post, she talks about how the Left supports countries who haven’t left the Middle Ages in regards to their treatment of women and that’s the subject of today’s post.

If you want to read Cherie’s article, click the link:

Both are fine on this beach, they’re fine with me

Let me get right to the point, I believe that feminists have allowed the ‘feminist card’ to be trumped by the ‘race’ and ‘Islamaphobic’ cards. I was hoping to feature a comic strip I saw on Facebook a few years back but unable to do so, I will explain it here:

First frame: A man is saying how all Homosexuals should be stoned and women should be subservient to men.

Second frame: A young woman says, “You’re views are disgusting, you must be a Republican.”

Third frame: The man replies, “I’m not a Republican, I’m a Muslim and those are my religious beliefs.”

Final frame: The woman apologizes, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to be Islamaphobic.”

This is the contradiction of the Left, though some could call it hypocrisy. Because the Left is so against Western governments’ war on radical Islam and according to the Left, everything their governments do is wrong, (the Right can be the same way), they immediately side with those the government is at war with. Therefore, they make excuses and even support Islamic countries who force young girls into marriage, treat them like second and third class citizens and practice Female Genital Mutilation. However, if you call them out on this, the Left will immediately call you “racist” or “Islamaphobic.”

My question to feminists is: Why have you allowed the feminist card to be trumped by the race and Islamaphobic cards? I won’t even speculate a guess here but if any are reading this, please answer the question.

Living and working as a teacher in the UK, I have had the pleasure to work along side of Muslim women who also work in the profession. To me, they dispel the Right’s belief that all Muslim men don’t want their women educated or working in a professional capacity. These are the one who the feminists on the Left should be championing. Doing so will bring forth further understanding between the two camps and feminists could be very instrumental in doing this. It’s a lot better than simply branding people who speak out against Islamic or any oppression of women ‘racist.’ But what do I know, I’m a white male!

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  1. There are increasing numbers of feminists who are not kowtowing to trans ideology. The problems go far beyond sports, after all; the ideology has also led to putting males sex criminals in women’s prisons (with predictable results), surgical and hormonal “transing” of minors which does irreversible damage, etc. Here is a feminist forum site which focuses on these questions.

    I can understand if you prefer to avoid politics, but trans ideology and its effects are really more of a social issue, and their preferred tactics against dissenters certainly fall under the heading of bullying.

    As to Islam and its hostility to women’s equality (and other reactionary social effects), LeFevre is right that the political left is pretty much useless. However, if you look more at specifically atheist blogs and sites, you’ll get a different picture; many are well aware of the dangerous character of Islam. In my experience, some of the toughest-minded and most courageous atheists are former Muslims who repudiated Islam. Atheist leaders like Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens have spoken out very forcefully on the subject.

    LeFevre mentions having met Muslims who are not notably misogynistic or otherwise reactionary. That just means that many Muslims don’t adhere very strictly to the real rules and taboos of Islam, just as there are many Christians who don’t adhere strictly to the prescriptions of Christianity. In any culture, there is a wide range of variation among individuals. In the Middle East, the percentage of people who describe themselves in surveys as “not religious” is similar to the percentage in the US (in Iran it’s higher), even if the nature of the regimes there makes it unwise to speak out as openly as atheists in the West do. The UK is far more secular than the US, and as the immigrant-descended Muslims there assimilate, many are becoming more modern in outlook and leaving the extremist and misogynistic aspects of Islam behind. Those aspects are still part of real Islam, though.

    • I couldn’t agree more, Infidel! And I’ve been against this Trans ideology from the get-go because of what it does to women and the danger it puts them in! It absolutely amazes me that our so-called “leaders” would put this nonsense out there! Thank you for the link! I’ll definitely check this out! Michael LeFevre got this dead-on RIGHT!

      • I’ve been looking at the site with the link Infidel included in his comment, Michael! You wouldn’t believe the stuff the Media is being quiet about and hasn’t reported- many transgender activists are threatening the most atrocious physical violence against women they deem as TERFs and demanding these women give their space spaces to them and shut up about their own stories of abuse by the men in their lives. It’s as if the transgenders want to take the bullhorn, attention, and protection away from these women and hog it all for themselves. It’s utterly evil!

  2. Me Padre used to have His favorite saying:

    “A Gum-Chewing Girl, and a Cud-Chewing Cow:
    Yet Their Expressions are different somehow.

    Oh Yes! I see it now!


    The intelligent expression on the face of the cow.”’
    “Instant Chili!”

    Just tryin’ To Make yu Laugh! Dear Friend, Cherie


    I probably have failed!

    *Heavy sigh*

  3. I worked with trans people (patients) as both a medical nurse and a psychiatric nurse. The common denominator was a deep self-loathing which led people to want to radically change their identities. Some of them who changed their genders still could not like or accept themselves, so they were still miserable. People who cannot accept themselves or the realities of life will always be unhappy and miserable, no matter what drug they use, activities they engage in, or identities they adopt. But society is wrong to allow a tiny minority of people to control the narrative and bully the rest of us. These people are being exploited for political ends.

    • You’re absolutely right about everything you mentioned here, Dawn. It all comes down to self-loathing and the trying to control things they can do nothing about, which is the sources of their anger and rage. And if they can’t get happiness from the inside, they’ll never be happy because happiness never comes from the outside. And drugs aren’t a magic cure. They help in cases of chemical imbalances but that’s it. Sometimes it’s all about mind over matter and it’s a shame I didn’t learn that until my mid to late thirties.

      And you really hit a big truth when you said that, “society is wrong to allow a tiny minority of people to control the narrative and bully the rest of us. These people are being exploited for political ends.” Because this so dead on. These people are being used and the sad thing is that they’re too gullible to realize it! Thank you so much for your comment! I’m so proud of you for saying what needs to be said! 💖🌺🌹

  4. I would like to give a different interpretation of what you are seeing here. In the United States, and increasingly in Europe, we see right wing positions being massively funded by sociopathic billionaires. These billionaires, and the politicians they own, obviously do not give a damn about abortion, homosexuality or anything else besides their ability to consume ever more of the world’s wealth. These right wing cultural positions are nothing but a way to manipulate their base into going along with this theft. The same thing is happening in the Arab world, with extreme Islamic positions being supported by cynical oil billionaires who really do not care a bit about supposed Islamic values, but only about maintaining their wealth and control. They use their money, as do the rich on the right, to force the people of the world to accept whatever suits their interests, and hundreds of millions, on the right and on the supposed left, fall for the propaganda.

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