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Pretending to feel differently than you actually feel is the same as lying to yourself. Lying to yourself does nothing to change your point of attraction; so it does nothing to improve your reality.

– Teal Swan –

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  3. Off this topic but on another topic you have been discussing, I investigated and my readership went down by about half in May and has stayed down in June. I wonder if they started censoring here also like other socialist media does. Nothing changed about my content or followers, which makes no sense. And now they “schedule” instead of “publish” and it can sit in queue for hours or days before it publishes. All my content is Christian. I wonder if they are censoring our content- me for Christianity and you for anti-bullying talk? Just makes me wonder. Been at this a while and this is new.

    • That’s very possible, Tonya. I’m so sorry this is happening to you too, sweetie. It seems that our writings are threats to some pretty big people. Just don’t stop writing. This can’t be forever.

    • WordPress is not a search engine, it’s a blogging platform. So they do not have the means to censor you when there is no algorithm or massive staff to go over the tens of thousands of pieces of content that is on the platform? Also, since there are millions and trillions on of articles on the internet, most of it is not read or looked at. I have looked up the guesstimate amount of traffic people get and it’s usually about 0 to 100-200 per month (most businesses get 500 views a month). So, no, they are almost 100% not censoring you in a way you would think because most content is never seen by anybody (unless your content violates the TOS).

      • I don’t quite know Tanya’s situation. But They’re not censoring me, they’re preventing me from reciprocating with other bloggers. They’ve disabled me ability to like other blogger’s posts after I read them and to follow any new followers who follow me. It’s ridiculous.

        • Yea, I hear that Google skews site traffic for big retailers during certain times of the year. Although, from my experience, usually traffic is consistent, but this month and last, I had a significant drop in traffic, like 20% decrease 😭

    • Youre most welcome. 💖💖💖

      WordPress has a few glitches. I know another blogger who had the same issue. She contacted tech support and the Happiness Engineers helped her. I’m so sorry you’re having these problems.

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