18 thoughts on “Some Real Talk!

  1. This is certainly true. I find it almost impossible to trust new people because I’ve gotten burned too many times when I did trust people. Some of us just aren’t very good at judging character, and always need to be on guard.

    • I totally understand. And I used to be the same way you are now. However, I’ve learned that with each new person we meet and each friend we make there’s always a risk- a risk of being betrayed. Therefore, I won’t allow some creep from my past to cause me not to trust humanity. I believe in giving others a chance. And if they blow that chance by betraying me, then that’s on them. I’ll just drop them from my life and move on.

      Angain, Know that I understand the fear that comes with meeting people and making friends after you’ve been betrayed. My heart goes out to you. πŸ’”

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