Poem: Survival Mode

Tip toe, tip toe, tip-tippy toe, I must walk ever so carefully

While looking up to Heaven I can only plea prayerfully

Walking through this toxic place is like walking through a minefield

No, this isn’t like the part of Newman on an episode of Seinfeld

In glee the bullies watch as they smile with their eyes twinkling brightly

Their unsolicited and repeated advice is for me to tread lightly

My eyes scan, watching and waiting for the other shoe to drop

I must fight, no end in sight, not one sign that the bullying will stop

Knowing in my gut, feeling in my bones that something’s gonna pop off

If I didn’t have hope nor care for my future, I’d bust some shots off

Angry and contemptuous eyes narrowed into slits all around me

Watching, waiting, and anticipating the next juicy opportunity

Looking at me, watching me, with their breath just a-bating

Like ravenous vultures on the hunt, they’re patiently waiting

My stomach turns and flips until it draws tightly in knots

As they gather ‘round, poking, prodding, and making pot-shots

Holding my head high as I continue to walk the daily death march

Like a cornered cat in preparation for attack, I feel my back arch

“Walking the Mile, Walking the Mile, Walking the Greeeeen Mile”

I walk with a brave face through a cesspit nest of creatures so vile

Making a point to be careful not to disturb or stir the hornet’s nest

On high alert, I see nothing but a blurry red as I try my level best

Just to blend in, hide, and be safe as another face in the crowd

Look, look! There she is! Get her! Get her! They all yell aloud

Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, to escape this chilling cold

Forced, compelled, with no other choice but to live in survival mode

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