Townies, Cronies, and Hayseeds II C15-8

“Oh, shit, Chris!” Daniel shouted.

Seeing the rocks fall, the water pour, and Chris swerve about thirty feet in front of him, Atticus’ eyes widened.

“Holy Mary Mother of God!” Atticus shouted as he drove the second vehicle about twenty feet behind Chris. He swerved to miss the pile in the road.

“Son of a bitch!” Malcolm screamed from the front passenger seat as he grabbed the dashboard.

Although they all had their seatbelts on, they still put their hands out to brace themselves.

The eyes and mouths of both Brielle and Cindy opened wide, and their arms flailed as the two women felt themselves rocked by the force of the violent swerve of the SUV.

Just then, as they all thought that things couldn’t get any worse, “Oh, SHIT!” Chris, Daniel, and Jesse yelled over the comms as pieces of brick and stone began to give way and go flying across the road in front of them as new, pressurized streams of water squirted from the walls like someone had turned on a fire hose.

Fuck! Get us the hell outta here!” Big Bruce yelled.

Seeing what was happening ahead of them, Malcolm flinched in his seat.

“Whoa!” He yelled.

Brielle and Cindy screamed, and terror filled Atticus’s eyes as he yelled, “Get dooown! Everybody! Down in your seats!”

Malcolm, Brielle, and Cindy ducked down as large, golf ball and baseball-sized hunks of brick and stone turned into projectiles. The projectiles torpedoed across the archway with such force that they smashed into the wall on the other side of the road. And the pressurized water behind them sprayed with such force that it reached the opposite side as well. More chunks continued to fall from the ceiling.

Atticus swerved violently, doing everything he could to dodge the falling chucks and flying projectiles. Ahead of them, Chris did the same, weaving back and forth as more pieces fall from above them and flying pieces either whizzed past their vehicles or dinged up the sides of them.

The occupants inside both vehicles either grunted or cried out as loud thuds sounded from the projectiles hitting the sides of the vehicles they were in.

A huge hunk came flying through the side windshields that were next to the rear of the second vehicle, shattering the glass to pieces. Cindy and Brielle screamed as they got down in the seat.

Keeping his eyes on the road and trying to dodge the debris, Chris saw a glimmer of hope when he noticed that they were now approaching the foot of the incline. Brielle turned and looked through the back windshield. She could see for a long distance down the straightaway from whence they had come. Cindy also turned to look back.

The two women’s eyes widened as they saw a huge section of the tunnel collapse about a half mile back and a loud rumble shook the entire tunnel as a huge rush of white water came barreling after them.

“Ooooh, SHIT! Atticus, punch it! Get us the hell out of here!” Brielle screamed in panic, while Cindy screamed, “Go-go-go-go-GO! Just GO!

They reached the incline, speeding up it as it grew steeper. With the gas pressed to the floor, Chris and Atticus continued to guide the SUVs up, up, up the steep incline, further, and further still, until they finally reached the platform at the end of the road and tunnel. Chris slammed on his breaks before coming to a stop on one side of the huge platform. Atticus’s vehicle came to a screeching halt beside them.

As the platform began to lift the two vehicles up in the air, then through the hole in the ceiling of the tunnel, the rumblings below grew louder and louder.

“Oh, come on, come on!” Chris groaned as the elevator slowly took them up to the surface. Daniel, Jesse, and Big Bruce only sat there, each holding his breath.

Atticus sat in the second vehicle beside Chris, praying anxiously.

“Please help us, Lord!” he prayed while Malcolm sat in his seat, on pins and needles. Brielle and Cindy sat silently in the back, holding on to one another tightly as the white wave of the lake, churning with bricks and huge chunks of cement, gained speed not far behind.

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