One Sneaky Way to Conquer Your Bullies

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

So says the age-old proverb, and it has certainly rung true for many a century. If you are the target of any bully, rest assured that you haven’t been the first nor the only poor soul who has fallen victim to him/her.

Therefore, it’s safe to say that your bullies have enemies, lots of them. Only you don’t know it because bullies naturally put up the facade that they are the greatest things since sliced bread and that everyone adores them. But every bit of it is a lie.

Although what I’m about to advise may seem a little underhanded, it isn’t, and it will certainly help you in getting the bullies off your back. Social science has long proved that comradeship is born when two or more people can find something (or someone) they dislike…a common enemy that they all share a passionate distaste for.

Find out who your bullies’ enemies are.

You must find out who your bullies’ enemies are, connect with them, and befriend them. Also, make sure to have their backs and vice versa, then you and your bullies’ enemies can unite as allies. I guarantee that the enemies, whoever they are, will be more than happy to oblige and you will instantly become comrades!

Group of happy friends cheering with wine and beers at a boat party. Diverse men and women having drinks at a sunset yacht party.

There’s strength in numbers.

Always. And rarely do lone wolves survive in the social world. Thank evolution for that one. The more of your bullies’ enemies you can make friends and allies, the more protection and support you will garner to keep the bullies at bay.

Remember that bullies are cowards, and they almost always pursue the lone wolf. So, if you can become friends with as many of your bullies’ enemies as possible, the bullying will stop. Why? Because bullies never attack anyone who is surrounded by others.

Also, you will have the kinds of friends who will protect and look out for you.

Then your bullies will go find another victim and leave you alone. How I wish I thought of this back when I was in school! Things definitely would have been a lot different!

There are always options, and this is only one!

With knowledge comes empowerment!

Bullying and “The Audience Effect”

Let’s face it. We all act differently in public than we do in private. Every single one of us- you, me, everyone. For instance, you certainly wouldn’t take off your clothes and run around in your underwear in public.

Also, to a small degree, we tailor our actions and responses according to who is present at a given time. Why? Because the people around us are always evaluating us whether we know it or not.

For instance,

bullies will tailor their behavior according to their audience. If they think the people around them will get fun and entertainment out of seeing them bully, they will continue. Also, if the bullies expect bystanders and authority to turn a blind eye, they will continue bullying. And they will mercilessly bully that target without fail.

Even worse,

if the bullies catch on that everyone- even the bystanders and witnesses, share an intense hatred of the target, not only will they continue to bully that target, but they will mercilessly escalate the torment. Because, if everyone hates the target, that’s when there are absolutely no boundaries, no limits, to the level of abuse the bullies will inflict.

On the other hand, what if the bullies think there’s even a possibility that the audience will sympathize with the target?

If the bullies think there’s a chance the audience might call them out on their abuse and help the target, you can bet they’ll likely stop the abuse. And, in the future, the bullies will more than likely think twice before bullying the target again.


If the target has no friends and isn’t supported, the bullies will bully that target without fail. However, if the target has friends, allies, and supporters, the bullies will likely leave that person alone and go find an easier target who has fewer friends, allies, and supporters or none at all.

Therefore, you must find ways to make friends and garner support if ever you find yourself in the cross hairs of bullies. I cannot stress enough the importance of a support system- even if it’s an outside support system. Not only will you be safer and more secure, but your mental health won’t suffer nearly as much.

With knowledge comes empowerment!

God Bless America — Clever Journeys

While the storm clouds gatherFar across the seaLet us swear allegianceTo a land that’s freeLet us all be gratefulFor a land so fairLet us raise our voicesIn a solemn prayer God bless America,Land that I love.Stand beside her, and guide her,Through the night with the light from above. From the mountains, to the prairies,To the […]

God Bless America — Clever Journeys

Wishing Everyone a Happy Fourth of July!

Wishing you all a great holiday as we shoot off our fireworks and eat our barbecue. While we celebrate, let’s not forget the men and women who gave their lives to ensure our continued independence.  Therefore, remember that freedom isn’t free. Our fallen heroes bought and paid for it with their blood.

I thank The Lord above for His Hand of Blessing over this nation. I also thank our fallen heroes for the sacrifices they made to keep this country free and independent!

God bless America! Let freedom ring!!!

A Good Thing That Doesn’t Feel So Good

When you’re able to pick up on the vibes of the people around you, you have a gift. And it can be a godsend to targets of bullying.

Imagine that you’re able to feel other’s energy and sense their moods and auras! It’s great because it warns you ahead of time that negative people are nearby. Therefore, it gives you the cue you need to steer clear of them. In that, it gives you the chance to avoid harm before it happens.

However, the sensations themselves don’t feel good.

In life, there will be many people you meet from whom you’ll pick up some yucky vibes. In other words, you’ll notice that something just doesn’t sit well when you encounter such people. These feelings and sensations are always physical- you usually feel them in your body, most often, your stomach.

In cases like this, your body is like a radio tower that picks up frequencies, and it doesn’t lie.

When you pick up negative vibes, you’ll get that sick feeling in your stomach. Sometimes, you even get that cold, creepy shiver up your spine. You’ll feel as if the hairs are standing up on the back of your neck.

What’s best for you doesn’t always feel or taste good.

Paying attention to these not-so-good feelings is like taking a spoonful of medicine when you’re sick. No, it doesn’t taste good. In fact, many kinds of medicine taste downright nasty. However, if you’ll just hold your nose, put the spoon in your mouth, and swallow the concoction, you’ll feel so much better later.

In other words, if you’ll pay attention to those bad vibes instead of ignoring them, you’ll be able to excuse yourself from the encounter and avoid a potential attack. You’ll also be able to better avoid the suspicious person in the future.

Then, once you’re away from them, you’ll feel so much better, not to mention, safer. Also, you’ll feel so proud of yourself knowing that you likely dodged a bullet.

With knowledge comes empowerment!

Hmmm…What will they do next?

Not only have the tyrants at Automattic blocked me from liking or following the blogs I like, but they have now prevented the bloggers whose blogs I read and comment on from seeing me in their notifications. I’ve also discovered yet another blogger who is in the same predicament. I hate to say it, guys, but if they’ll do it to me, they’ll do the same to you too. Just give them time. Beware and be aware.

I can’t tell you how sorry I am that I can’t follow or like anything right now. And I don’t know how long they intend to keep my hands tied nor if they ever will release me from this prison of theirs. Sadly, freedom of speech is a thing of the past. I’m beginning to despise technology and wouldn’t care if Big Tech was taken down.

I can tell you this. I will not stop blogging and they’ll have to do better than this to get me to quit.

Sorry for the rant, guys. I’m just tired of the censorship and other childish nonsense these “techies” are doing to the rest of us. No, I’m not being cencored per se. Nevertheless, my ability to show my appreciation for other bloggers is severely limited. Therefore, it presents a restriction of freedoms. The only thing I can say is that the people behind this nonsense are evil. They are the bullies I’ve been warning about for the past six years.

God bless you and I love you! ❤️

You Don’t Lose Friends, You Lose Frauds

When you’re a target of relentless bullying, losing so-called friends becomes the norm. Sadly, this is the reality for many who fall into this category.

Most targets of bullying suffer deprivation of human friendship and therefore, they have no sense of belonging. We humans are hardwired for socialization and connection. When bullies meticulously strip those things away, it can be devastating. After they’ve suffered this deprivation for so long, targets can become desperate for even the tiniest crumb of affection.

Neediness always invites abuse.

In life, there will be people who come into your life not to help you but to harm you. Not to love you but to leave you.

Understand that when bullies target you, they beat you down,  and render you sad, lonely, and worst of all, desperate! Add all this together and you have a stinking, toxic cocktail of vulnerable.

Realize that evil always attaches itself to those whom bullies have weakened and made most vulnerable. People smell desperation from a mile away and the target will repel those who are emotionally healthy and attract only the lowlifes whose only intentions are to use and abuse.

Predatory users love to catch you when you’re most vulnerable. When you are rendered powerless, you will draw in fake friends. They’ll be those whose only intentions are to use you until they get all they can out of you. Many will act as friends to hurt and humiliate you.

These people may use you for money or material things or they may simply use you for social benefits. Also, they may use you for the psychological payoff of taking domination of you. Whatever it is, know that they aren’t here for your benefit, they’re here for theirs.

So, when do these frauds show their true colors?

Many targets of bullying are shocked and dismayed when the monster finally shows its face. The target may say something totally innocent, but something the fake friends doesn’t like. Suddenly, the mask falls off and the poor target finds out the hard way that this person really isn’t a friend at all. The fake friend then turns their back and becomes an enemy. They may even bully the target like everyone else.

Here’s when they show their true colors:

1. When you stand up for yourself.

2. When you’re not afraid to be yourself.

3. When you speak your truth and stand on it.

4. When you let your opinions, beliefs, and convictions be known.

5. When you call them or someone they like out on their bullshit.

How do you recognize a true friend?

A true friend may not necessarily agree with you, but they’ll always respect your opinion. They will always accept that you’re a different person with your own set of values. And they’ll never turn their back on you or get hateful toward you for those differences.

True friends will allow and even encourage you to be yourself, speak your truth, and stand behind it. They wouldn’t want you to be fake for the sake of pleasing others.

Understand that if at any time, a person who claims to be your friend doesn’t allow you to be yourself. Or if that person doesn’t allow you to speak your mind, or show your emotions, that person is not a friend. Therefore, you should re-evaluate that friendship and give this person the old heave ho.

Know that you deserve better friends than them. That’s why it’s so important that you love yourself enough to know when it’s time to let go and move on. Because some people just aren’t worth your time. Always remember, you don’t lose friends, you lose frauds.

With knowledge comes empowerment!