School Choice- A Godsend for Bullied Children and Teens

School Choice is an absolute must for bullied children and teens. Without it, targets would be stuck in a school that hates them. They’d be trapped in a cycle of bullying and abuse with no way to escape. As a result, the bullies would be even further emboldened because they would know that their targets couldn’t get away.

It’s a dark side of human nature that, if bullies know you’re trapped, they have a strong sense of glee and become more brazen. Then there’s no limit to how far they’ll take the abuse.

School choice would give kids the right to choose the school they want to attend regardless of their zip code. Sadly, as of now, many bullied kids are trapped in toxic learning environments, where their cries for help go ignored by school officials who only refuse to acknowledge that they have a culture of bullying at their beloved schools.

They sweep incidences of bullying under the rug and hide evidence of bullying (like camera footage) from parents, or take sides with the bullies and blame targeted kids for the abuse they suffer at the hands of their classmates.

School choice would allow a bullied child to transfer to a different school regardless of their zip code. Yet Teacher’s Unions are dead set against it. But why?

Here are a few reasons:

1. Teachers and schools get funding for each child in attendance per day.

2. Teachers Unions want to monopolize students and don’t want the competition. School Choice would give schools and teachers competition for students, and therefore, state funds. Money does corrupt.

3. Bullying teachers and school officials may not admit it, but they don’t want to lose their power and control over bullied children. And if the bullied children start switching schools, these bullying school officials will no longer have power over these kids and will need to search for other targets even if they must eat their own.

school bullying

Every child deserves the right to attend a school in which they feel safe, a school that values them as human beings, a school where they can finally get dignity and respect, and a school where they can learn and flourish without any disruptions.

There are entirely too many special interest groups who wish to squash school choice and would rather monopolize our children and grandchildren and its all about having power over bullied kids and lining their pockets. It only goes to show that, in the minds of school officials, money and power take priority over the safety and security of children and teens.

This must stop…yesterday!