The Freest Commodity

Your thoughts are the freest commodity you have. No matter what they take from you, they can never take your mind if you don’t let them.

When You Have the Nerve, the Audacity, the Chutzpah!… to Think for Yourself!

Make no mistake! You will be hated. You will be demonized- considered a troublemaker, a rabble rouser, a riffraff, or a crazy person who’s “mentally imbalanced.”

Thinking for yourself, or being an independent thinker, whatever you prefer to call it, is such sweet freedom. Yet most people have always been afraid to do it because it’s much safer to be a follower and to do as you’re told without question or without even thinking about it.

Most choose to take the easy path- the safest route and follow the lead of a person in power, even if that person hasn’t the slightest idea of what they’re talking about. Even sadder is the fact that people will follow an influencer or person in power, even when evidence is presented that this person who does the speaking is likely leading them to their own demise!

People automatically take orders from someone deemed superior or powerful without ever asking themselves what the person giving the orders has to gain from their compliance.

There’s much truth to the old saying that people are less afraid of death than they are of being ostracized by society.

I can certainly understand the fear of being the object of bullying, shunning, and ostracization. No one wants to be ousted from “the social club” because human beings are hardwired by God and nature to be social animals. The ability to socialize, nurture relationships, and be a part of a tribe was how we survived back during prehistoric times, and anyone who was ousted from the tribe risked starvation and extinction.

However, it’s easier for the shunned to survive today. And I’d much rather have my freedom. Freedom requires the ability to pick, choose, and think independently despite what others may think of us.

Understand that when you think for yourself, you step out of your comfort zone and open up unlimited possibilities for yourself. Thinking for yourself means trusting your gut and following your instincts. It means knowing that your gut will always tell you when something doesn’t sound or feel right.

Realize that the reason why people have intense hatred toward a person who thinks independently is because the free thinker is least likely to be controlled or to fall for any tricks and manipulation.

The person who thinks for himself is more likely to see right through smoke screens and fakery as if looking through glass. This is because independent thinkers know themselves well. They think critically, and, again, they listen to their gut instincts and refuse to engage in anything that feels unhealthy or dangerous.

Sadly, we live in a culture of bullying- one that demands that we deny our God-given sixth sense and follow along, even to our own detriment. Bullies in power demand that we deny our own needs and human rights. They send the unwritten message that we have no right to defend ourselves and our families. They decry that we should put them first and ourselves and our loved ones last.

So, they use big and rich Hollywood celebrities, sports figures, politicians, media personalities and other people of influence and great power to persuade us to go along with them and their way of thinking, living, and doing things. Individuality is strongly discouraged, ridiculed, and even severely punished, as is creativity, originality, and meritocracy.

Simply put, bullies in power demand that we do not think for ourselves but only the way they want us to think. And sadly, most of us are hoodwinked into believing that, just because the people giving the narrative have great power and influence, they automatically know what they’re talking about and “only want what’s best for us and the rest of humanity,” when, in most cases, the exact opposite is true.

Remember that these people are not gods. They are human just like the rest of us and they put their pants on one leg at a time just like we do. Understand that they are just as fallable and capable of error.

We must realize that power corrupts, and it takes a special and unique person to not be corrupted by power. We must understand that the vast majority of those in power do not have our best interests at heart but are only out to use us to fulfill their own agendas and end goals. And once they feel that we’ve served our purpose and they no longer need us, they will discard us like dirty diapers.

People in power, who are corrupt, often use beautiful-sounding words and phrases, such as, “for the common good,” and “for the good or betterment of humanity.”

They often portray themselves to be the saviors of humanity or warriors and champions for social justice, all while working behind the scenes to destroy the very groups of people they claim to represent and care about.

In short, they hide their evil intentions behind the veneer of philanthropy, love, and goodwill.

Remember that Satan never appears as an ugly red devil with horns and a pointy tail, he always comes as our biggest dream come true, whether it be the man or woman of our dreams, or a sweetheart of a deal that’s hard to refuse. The devil always comes as an angel of light. That is why we should keep our focus on the person’s actions and not their words.

That’s why it’s so important that we think for ourselves. We must also understand that there will be sacrifices for it and we will more than likely endure a truckload of hatred and vitriol from countless others, even those we think are friends and allies. Finally, we must trust that, in the end, when it’s all said and done, it will all be worth it.

With knowledge comes empowerment!


It’s being who you are and doing it unapologetically.

It’s saying what you feel without guilt.

It’s having the courage to walk away from toxic people and bad energy.

It’s relying on yourself and not others for happiness.

It’s having your own views and opinions.

It’s being fearless, or, more appropriately, doing it scared.

It’s feeling free to be a little silly sometimes.