Would You Rather Be Hated for Being Smart or Pitied for Being Dumb?

I ask this question because there are a lot of people- people who are highly intelligent- who try to hide their smarts for fear of being hated, i.e., bullied. They’ve let others convince them that, because of their smarts, they come off as know-it-alls and tell them to dumb down because they “don’t want to make others feel bad about themselves” or that they just might offend some people.

This is total BS!

I want you to know one thing right now! It is not your responsibility to make someone else feel good about themselves. Whether your intelligence offends others is not your problem therefore, their hatred of you is also not your problem.

Understand that the reason why your intelligence may offend some people is because they are either jealous, intimidated, or insecure. It’s because of their own unaddressed psychological issues- issues that they’re trying to lay off on you.

Your intelligence may inspire some to doubt their own smarts and mental capabilities, or it may provoke others to compare themselves to you. Again, not your responsibility. They are the ones doubting and questioning their own intelligence. They are the ones who are making comparisons. You aren’t doing these things to them. They are doing it to themselves!

Again, you are not responsible for another person’s self-esteem. Only they can do the inner work needed to raise their confidence levels and if they’re too lazy to do that inner work, that’s on them!

Here’s another point I want to make: Though being hated can be frightening and doesn’t feel good, always remember that there’s dignity in being hated, but none in being pitied.

Yes, you read that correctly. When you’re hated, you still have your dignity. But when you’re pitied, you’ve lost all dignity and respect!

Smart people are hated. Stupid people are pitied.

Therefore, never hide your intelligence from anyone. Let yourself stand out and shine. And any time you feel tempted to hide your brilliance because you’re afraid of being bullied, ridiculed, or hated by others, ask yourself,

“Would you rather be hated for being smart or pitied for being dumb?”

I rest my case.