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“From Victim to Victor (A Survivor’s True Story of Her Experiences with School Bullying…)” by Cherie White

Cherie White shares her own story of what were the worst six years of her life, during which she was relentlessly bullied after moving to a small Tennessee town. She describes the heartache, loneliness and despair she felt as a victim of school bullying and how her cries for help went ignored. She is brutally honest about how she viewed her bullies and the bystanders who watched but did nothing to help. She is also candid about how she too became a bully and the torment she inflicted on her own victims, whom she herself viewed as inferior, as a means to preserve what little self-esteem she had left and feel better about herself. Finally, she tells of how she was able to escape her tormentors by changing schools, make several new friends out of her new classmates, and go from victim to victor! “From Victim to Victor” is a story of survival, trial, heartache, self-discovery, reflection, growth and the eventual escape and triumph.

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“Townies, Cronies, and Hayseeds” by Cherie White

Shannon McGregor is a widowed mother of four children, living just outside of Tucson, Arizona and has the life others only dream of having. She is a best-selling author and can make a great living doing what she loves most- writing novels. Every area in her life is close to perfect, her writing career could not be better, she enjoys a closeness with her family and lots of friends who adore her. However, her life hasn’t always been rosy. Shannon is an adult survivor of vicious and relentless school bullying. How had she risen above it? By moving over a thousand miles away to Arizona to start a new life. When her grandmother back in Thomasville, Tennessee dies suddenly and Shannon inherits her estate, she must return with her children to the home of her youth and make the necessary renovations to the house and sell the property before returning to Arizona. However, upon returning to the tiny town, she learns that the very people who run the town are the same people whom had tormented her in school.

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“The Vow of Chastity Baker” by Cherie White

Chastity Baker is a teenage prostitute and meth junkie living on the streets of Memphis. After being arrested and hitting rock-bottom, she makes herself a solemn vow, that she would leave prostitution and drugs behind and live a better life. Making good on her vow, Chas takes the necessary steps to improve her life, only she cannot seem to outrun her past. Her past mistakes follow her in the forms of a sadistic and vindictive ex-pimp and drug-supplier, who now wants her dead, various people who know her from her darker days and cruelly pass judgement on her, circumstances that arise and present themselves as roadblocks to her progress and her arresting officer, who now wants to protect her and eventually falls in love with her. Chas keeps her eyes on her goals and continues with focused determination. Will she reach success or will she let adversity, haters, and her own insecurity and negative feelings about her past bring more failure? The message Chas receives from others, doesn’t always ring true.

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Kids Under the Latch Key

“Kids Under the Latch Key” by Cherie White

During the summer of 1987, then sixteen-year-old Grace Bradshaw, her younger brother Max, and neighborhood friends befriend Randy Spence, a twenty-one-year-old mentally disabled man with the IQ of a child. Mocked by many in the corrupt small town, Randy is taken under wing and protected by his younger friends while learning hard lessons about the way most people treat those who are different. Along the way, Grace, her brother and younger neighborhood friends also learn shocking lessons about good and evil.” A first-person narrative told by a now middle-aged and widowed Grace Bradshaw McGuire to her adult children, “Kids Under the Latch Key” is a heart-touching story of the summer which prompted her to question God and challenged her initial belief that all humans are inherently good.

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