How The Left Killed The Goals and Dreams of Female Athletes

Full Length of Two Adult Woman Standing Side by Side with Hands on Hips in Separate Lanes of Outdoor Running Track – Two Friends Sizing Up Competition

I haven’t gotten very political on this blog. If possible, I try not to as politics is a very slippery subject. However, there’s one thing that concerns me and after what I’ve read and heard today and I can’t keep quiet.

As we know, an executive order was signed that allows transgender women (people who were born males but became women through sex-change operations, or men who “identify” as women) to participate in women’s or girls sports. Though I’m not biased against people who identify as the opposite sex and believe in treating them as I would want to be treated, I’m outraged at this executive order! Yes! As a woman, I’m angry!

And this bogus executive order was signed in the name of equality? Really? How is this equality?

Let’s break it down:

Although, trans women may or may no longer have the male reproductive organs they were born with, they still have the muscle mass, bone density, and body structure of a male. This equals an unfair advantage over biological women in sports.

So, where are the feminists and why are they silent about this? Where are the pink vagina hats? Could it be that the Left is secretly biased against women and always has been? And could it be that they’re using transgender equality and identity politics as a cover for it?

‘Sure seems that way to me.

Mysogyny male female

Think about it. What better way would there be to knock women off the playing field and, at the same time, give the appearance that they’re for gender equality? What better way is there to knock woman down a few notches than to allow biological men who identify as women to compete in women’s sports? And do it all in the name of transgender equality and identity politics?

It’s the perfect cover and the Left knows it. They only hope that nobody else is smart enough to figure it out- least of all their voter base.

This post may piss a lot of people off but I refuse to sit by and watch women and young girls be discriminated against under the guise of transgender equality. I don’t blog to win some popularity contest and accumulating a large number of followers doesn’t concern me. My only concern is right and wrong and my only goals are speaking out against injustice and reaching out to people who are downtrodden and hurting.

Again, as a woman, I’m appalled at this ridiculous law, but I’m not surprised. I’ve seen the hypocrisy of the Left and I’ve witnessed it for years.

I’ve also heard the Left’s claims of championing equal rights for women. But they also back countries like Iran- countries, in which it is a custom and ritual to oppress and brutalize females! These are the very countries where a woman is flogged in the streets for as much as speaking without permission, walking too loud, or daring not to walk behind a man. In these countries, women are only allowed to go to school until the age of eight and are taken as brides as early as nine.

male/female gender equality

Folks, you can’t claim equal rights for women and girls then, in the same breath, back countries that brutalize and commit unspeakable acts against them; just as you can’t claim gender equality while forcing women to compete in sports against people who were born male but identify as women.

This is unfair any way you slice it and you only prove yourself sexist, but under the facade of “transgender equality.” A biological woman can’t compete against a transgender or transsexual woman due to body composition.

As stated earlier, you can take away the sex organs but you can’t change the composition of the body. And those of you that have young daughters and granddaughters who dream of one day winning the Olympics have every right to be livid!

My heart goes out to all the young female athletes of today. Their goals and dreams have been stolen from them and I can feel their pain and sense of injustice.

Congratulations, Joe. Give yourself a pat on the back. Females have been held down all through history. And just as they were beginning to get close to having a fair shake, you’ve only set them back a century or so.

If this isn’t bullying on a massive scale, I don’t know what is.