The art of subtle bullying – how to identify it and how to deal with it

Mommy Me is a blog about parenting and as we know, if you’re a parent, there may come a time when your child becomes the object of bullying in school. I enjoyed reading this post and it has a lot of great insights. Please feel free to follow Mommy Me’s blog!

Mommy Me

Bullies don’t always act directly. Some bullies want to make sure no body knows that they have such intent. They can bully you in a way that no one notices but inside they may be tearing you apart. Such bullies torture you subtly but constantly and so powerfully that it might affect you emotionally and lower your productivity at workplace, school or even at home.

How to identify it ?

Isolating you :

Subtle bullying can happen almost anywhere. If you are in a group, say group of friends or at workplace, you might be isolated from that group, you might not be invited for parties or events. And the bullies make sure you get to know that you are not invited in the most subtle way after the event and you end up thinking about the reasons for not getting the invite the whole day.

Criticizing your talent :

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