My Strongest Weakness – Time Management


Today was a good day. I got out of bed good and early, got dressed and left the house to run some errands. I got back and networked with some great blogger friends. My blog is growing and I meet new people here every day. So, I make it a point to read their blogs and network with them because I would want the same and I enjoy making other bloggers feel good and like they matter to someone.

I also love to learn and try to dedicate a few hours to reading, then another few hours to writing future posts, then work on the current book I plan to publish next. After this, I do housework and lastly, begin preparing supper when the time for my husband’s arrival home from work draws near.

But it seems that no matter how well I try to schedule everything, something gets neglected and I feel like such a heel. Especially when I’m unable to read the posts of my fellow bloggers and comment on them.

So, I tried dedicating an entire day of just liking and responding to comments and reading the posts of my followers, followers, blogger friends, even the posts of strangers I haven’t met. But sometimes I don’t get finished that day, then I can’t remember the next day where I left off. Ugggh!

So, I’ll probably do things differently- errands and housework for two hours, read 50 blog posts per day, read for two hours, write for two hours, work on a future book for two hours, then prepare our supper just before the hubby gets home.

So, know that I greatly appreciate you all. Also knew that if you don’t see me on your blogs for a time, I promise that I’ll eventually get to you.

In the meantime, please feel free to share how you manage your time between blogging, working, errands, writing, reading, and housework. I know I could learn many things from you guys!

And to those of you who can manage your time well and kick some serious butt every day, my hat comes off to you!

Love you all!