4 Ways to Handle a Cyber-Stalker

If you have dealt with them, you probably know they can be relentless in their pursuit of you. I had one woman in particular stalk me on social media about 4 years ago, and without a doubt, I know who it is.

I’m not one to complain or to have a victim mentality. And I won’t stress out over it because I have enough people who know me well enough not to get hoodwinked by smears.

I know that being afraid is exactly what she wanted, and I didn’t give her the satisfaction. However, I was a little concerned. Who wouldn’t be? Being cyber-stalked isn’t fun.

This woman needed help. She sent me nasty messages and stalked all of my social media pages. And at different times in the last four years- several times in 2018, she’s returned again since. She’s one of those stalkers that attacks you, disappears for a while, then comes back again with more hatred.

This is all because I deleted her from my friend’s list for making offhand comments and sarcastic remarks to some of my posts.

I’ve blocked her. However, she has had her sister, her son, and a few others stalk me and even stalk my husband and kids. We have since blocked all of them.

It just goes to show that she’s a coward and doesn’t have much going for her. Because if she did, she wouldn’t resort to any of this.

Her latest act is stalking me on a few other pages such as Amazon and Google books.

She was at her craziest in 2018 when she threatened to look up my address, then get on a bus and come pay me a visit (She lives out of state now).

I’m glad she thought I was worth the travel expenses! (Hee-hee!)

Understand that with someone as sick-minded as she, all threats should be taken seriously, And I put a few friends on alert just in case she tries anything with them.

So, know this:

1. When you have a cyber-stalker, do respond. But never react!

2. Never stay silent about it but put the word out to family and friends who love you because it can make all the difference in whether or not your attacker is caught should they take it to the next level and try to hunt you down.

3. At the same time, keep an eye on all your business online and be aware of your surroundings when you’re out.

4. Do your best to walk confidently and look like someone a criminal would think twice about messing with.

Do these things, and you’ll surely feel better, be better able to relax and enjoy life.

With knowledge comes empowerment!

UPDATE: 5 Ways to Bust a Cyber-Stalker Who Trolls Your Blog

Some trolls just aren’t very smart. With the help of a few other bloggers who have also been trolled by these nut house candidates, we have now found the names of the people who have been stalking our blogs. I won’t mention these blogger’s names or the names of their blogs, but I want to thank them so much for helping to bust these morons.

So, here’s the latest scoop:

sposa7@gmail.com is the email belonging to Sarah Posa and she uses the screen name “peepeepooperooski.” we found her Facebook profile below. Another troll is Kalib Jeram from New Zealand. As you can see, he and Sarah are friends. They are also friends of Sheina Ashley-Vann, another troll who absolutely is a fan of this blog. 😂 They seem to troll the internet together as a group.

I have these screenshots saved and I am currently outing these people on Facebook and other platforms to warn people and to protect other people from them. You can tell by the screenshots that these are very sick people who need professional help. They have serious psychological issues and honestly, I wouldn’t want anyone to run into them on the street because I’d be concerned that they possibly would resort to harming the person or to murder.

Before I go any further, I want to sincerely apologize for the horrible language these trolls use in these screenshot messages. Its not language I use or approve of. However, I have blacked out the absolute worst of this word-porn they use but not all. The reason I haven’t concealed all of it is because you have to expose the behavior and in exposing the behavior, sadly, you must expose the words they use as well. If you choose not to read any further, know that I understand and would never hold it against you. Here are the profiles of Sarah and Kalib below.

Smile, you’re on candid screenshot.

However, I feel I must post because these people need to be exposed and others need to be aware so that they know who to avoid on social media, in the blogosphere, and on the street. In order to avoid an enemy, whether it be someone who is out to harm you, or a serial killer who threatens the general public, you must know exactly who it is.

Here are Kalib’s messages. In his messages, he even claims to have hacked and stalked this Sarah girl and apparently, she likes being stalked by this guy from down under. Maybe weirdos are the only types of guys she can attract and this is the only way she can get a boyfriend, I don’t know, but yikes!



As you can see, once I exposed them in the first post, they began using fake screen names and fake email addresses, but it was no use hiding. These are the same people and we know it.


As you can see, all three of these cyber-bullies are connected to one another. Sarah Posa, Kalib Jemar, and Sheina Ashley-Vann are all on each other’s friends lists on Facebook.  And in some of the screenshots, they even tried to disguise their names and use fake screen names after I posted “5 Ways to Bust a Cyber-Stalker Who Trolls Your Blog” but too little too late.

Once Sarah and Kalib stopped harassing me, than Sheina-Ashley Vann began her commenting again. As you can see below her Facebook profile picture, she is friends with Sarah and Kalib. My hunch is that they are a part of a cyber-bullying ring. And yes, there are such rings and groups out there. Many of them get paid by powerful entities to troll other internet users. Luckily, we can moderate these kinds of comments by blocking them and sending them directly to the trash folder to be deleted.

The best way you can get rid of a cyber troll is to out them. Screenshot their posts, comments, and replies. Then go to their profile picture, or find their profile pictures, screenshot them, then spread far and wide. Warn people about them because if they cyber-bully you, they will do it to someone else and that someone else could be a child or teen who may not have the confidence to handle such attacks. I would hate knowing that someone committed suicide because of one or all of these people and that I could’ve spoke out against this but chose to keep silent. Blood would be on my hands too. So, I cannot, in good conscience, stay silent about this. It’s up to me to expose these people to prevent a possible suicide in the future.

I managed to get a reprieve from the trolls because they disappeared for the last two weeks but I knew they’d be back. And sure enough,  one of them returned.

Sarah Posa, AKA, “peepeepooperooski” has once again inserted herself back into the blogosphere. And, as you can see in her comments, she has some serious mental health issues. These are some pretty bizarre comments! It’s time to reveal the real people behind this nonsense.


Again, I want to thank the anonymous bloggers who helped me find this information. Perhaps if we expose these creeps and bare their activities for the world to see, they just might go into hiding and never bother another internet user again.

5 Ways to Bust a Cyber-Stalker Who Trolls Your Blog

One of the realities of blogging is that you’re likely to have a cyber-stalking troll or two every now and again. But this certainly doesn’t not mean you should quit blogging. If you love blogging like I do, please keep it up because trolls shouldn’t intimidate you but only give you something to write about. 😜

And there are ways you can  expose trolls.

During the past few weeks, I’ve had a few trolls try to troll me and it didn’t work. I see their trolling for what it is- a desperate attempt to get attention and power they obviously can’t get in the real world. I feel sorry for these people because it takes a life-loser with absolutely zero redeemable qualities to be a cyberbully/internet troll.

It goes to show that they are bored and miserable people with too much time on their hands, which equals no job, hobbies, nor interests. Boy! I’d sure hate to be such a person. Can you imagine the misery they live in?

Here’s where some creep under the screen name of “Peepeepooperooski,” out of the blue, commented. I feel sad for her because it’s apparent that she has a lot of pinned up anger.

Here’s what I did to bust her.

1. I took screenshots of her threatening comment.

2. I clicked on user info and lo and behold, it gave me her IP and email addresses. I then took a screenshot:

3. Next, I clicked on her email address to see if it showed her picture and…voila! Here’s the crazy with the blue hair. Wow! I just thought of a good parody of an old song,

“Devil with the blue hair, blue hair, blue hair, Devil with the blue hair, ewww!…”

I then took a closeup screenshot.

Before I go further, I should add that if the person is only running their mouths on the internet and you know for a fact they are and can’t do any real damage, it’s best just to ignore the troll. However, if they’re slandering you and ruining your reputation or business, OR…making death threats like this mentally deranged chick here, you absolutely should put in the work to gather your own evidence.

Because you don’t know who you’re dealing with and there have been a few cases where cyber-bullies have found out where their targets live and have traveled to other states or areas to murder them. Though this doesn’t happen often, it does happen. I’ve read a couple of articles where targets have been hunted down and killed by their trolls. Better to be safe than sorry!

4. I stood up to her, warning her of what would happen if she continued to contact me.

The thing about blocking a troll on your blog is that it doesn’t completely disappear the troll. They can still comment, only after you block them, it goes directly to the trash folder, so, be advised. I didn’t know this because, until recently, I was fortunate enough not to have dealt with cyber-bullies on this blog. So, I’m getting a crash course now. I welcome the lesson.

When I went to the trash to empty it. Here are the responses I got from this poor thing. I should warn you that her language is a bit colorful so if you’re offended by toilet vocabulary, you might want to stop here. However, I did black out some of the worst as they were horrible and words I’d never heard in all my years.

Naturally, she went on the defense and attempted to gaslight me, saying that her threat was only a joke and that I should lighten up.

Understand that bullies use this old, worn-out comeback to cover themselves and dupe bystanders and witnesses into believing that the abuse was just playful banter while making the victim look and feel like some dysfunctional whiner who’s just too sensitive and needs to lighten up.

Only she never succeeded in making me feel like a dysfunctional whiner. Why? Because I see it for what it is- she wants to silence me because she’s panicking now.  She never counted on being busted and having her behavior and her face plastered on this blog.


What she doesn’t realize is that her garbage doesn’t offend me at all because she’s a sniveling coward to me. I don’t really care what she thinks, so her opinions mean nothing. However, the threat of violence does concern me as it should anyone. Threats of violence in all caps are never meant to be a joke.

For further reference, you can read this post from March of 2021, “Is it Bullying or Playful Banter.”

If she’ll troll me and threaten me, you can be sure that she’ll do it to you.  Its highly likely she’s done this to many others and will target more people. Understand that behavior is so telling about a person- it’s obvious that this person is either a young thirteen-year-old who doesn’t know any better or she’s a very immature adult in her 20’s or 30’s who hasn’t had enough life experiences to achieve a shred of wisdom. Personally, I vote early 20’s.

5. I went to IPDatabase.com and looked up her IP Address. Here’s what I got:
IP Address
IP Address
Organization Riverfront Internet Systems LLC
Country United States (US) United States Flag
Host Name
IP Geolocation Details
Continent North America
Country United States (US)
Region/State Michigan (MI)
City Flushing
Postal Code 48433
Latitude 43.0761
Longitude -83.8473

According to the above info, she is a Michigander. The IP address location is Flushing, MI. And her comments came from a company computer at Riverfront Internet Systems, LLC. So, she’s either at work (surprise surprise!) and using their computers to troll other users on the internet, or she’s using their server to cloak herself.

I also took the liberty to look up Riverfront Internet Systems LLC and this is what I found:

As you can see Riverfront’s IP is listed as suspicious and has likely been blacklisted.

I may not have this girl’s name but I do have her city of location and the company she’s associated with. The company is a suspicious company, which is translation for “high-risk.” This speaks volumes. Also, the IP is a suspicious Proxy connection, and is known for abusive behavior, so it can’t be a reputable company.

I’m close enough to the mark that if the right people see this, they will know what this dunce’s name is.

Again, understand that threats of physical violence or murder should always, always, be taken seriously because you never know exactly who or what kind of person you’re dealing with and terrible things do happen.

So, do your own investigation anytime you get threats such as this. And send your evidence to law enforcement. That way, you can establish a pattern just in case the troll decides to come meet you in person and do you bodily harm. I’m not only posting this for purposes of record, I’m also doing it to warn others who could be targeted by this nutball.

Be safe! And if you have a cyber-stalker story, feel free to share in the comments below! Never be gaslighted into silence!

With knowledge comes empowerment!