3 Differences Between Being Kind and Kissing Booty

Be kind, yes. But being kind doesn’t mean you have to kiss booty. Too many people seem to think that kindness is weakness. This distortion of thinking comes from the assumption that being kind equals kissing booty. Let me dispel these myths right now. Kindness is not weakness and it doesn’t mean kissing butt.

Understand that when people make these generalizations, they do it for two reasons:

1. As an excuse not to be kind.

2. Because they’ve been taught these types of things by abusive parents and family members, or by bullies.

Again, kindness isn’t weakness nor is it kissing booty. With that said, let’s distinguish between the two. What’s the difference between being kind and kissing butt? Here are your answers:

1. Being kind comes from confidence. Confident people extend kindness because they’re confident and they know they don’t have to be unkind. When a person is kind, they have confidence in both themselves and in others.

Kissing booty comes from insecurity and a lack of confidence. The intentions of kissing butt are never pure.. People kiss butt out of fear and insecurity.

2. Being kind comes from having pure intentions. People who extend true kindness expect nothing in return. Just the notion that they’ve made someone smile is the rewards they get. Being kind is being true.

Kissing booty comes from ulterior motives. People kiss butt either to get out of trouble and escape accountability, or they do because they want something from the “booty-kissee,”

Many times, people kiss butt for acceptance and approval, favor, and special treatment. They do it because they expect to benefit, whether socially, psychologically, or materially. Kissing booty is being manipulative.

3. Being kind also means being kind to yourself. Kind people are kind to themselves too. What this means is that, that they know that they can be kind to others without taking any crap from them. Truly kind people have boundaries. They don’t extend kindness at their own expense. Being kind is a virtue.

Kissing booty can mean being a doormat. A person who kisses butt has no boundaries and may put up with bad treatment from the people he kisses up to. He’s willing to sacrifice his dignity and self-respect just to get the benefits he’s after. Sadly, this kind of person usually gets shafted and then laughed at. Because most people have no respect for him, not even the people he kowtows to. Kissing booty is pathetic!

You’ll put up with shoddy treatment, all for the safe of getting that benefit you’re seeking by sucking up. And the harsh truth is that you may not get that benefit anyway. Some people are only good for reneging once you’ve served your purpose. Then you’ll only look and feel like a real tool. And you know what? That’s exactly what you are- a tool.

Therefore, it’s imperative that you learn the difference in the two, that way you’ll better be able to extend kindness and, at the same time, protect yourself from being used.

With knowledge comes empowerment!

Schmooze it or Lose It: 8 Ways to Schmooze Successfully and Increase Your Likability

Most of us can make friends and be influential. However, when bullies target us, it’s easy to lose our confidence and self-esteem, and, therefore, lose our ability to schmooze, and to exude that je ne sais quoi that naturally attracts people and draws them to us.

So, what is that je ne sais quoi that people covet so much? What is that something that some were born with, yet most can’t seem to put their finger on? What is that mysterious allure these people have that is so captivating that it makes others want to because friends and business partners with them?

Here’s your answer. That je ne sais quoi is called social intelligence. Some may call it charm or charisma. But whatever you call it, it’s something you need to overcome a bad reputation your bullies unjustly caused you to be labeled with.

Have you ever seen a girl or guy, who was, by society’s standards, “ugly as a dog,” yet they had a long line of suitors waiting anxiously to date them? Have you ever known a businessman, who was sneaky as a cat and slithery as a snake, yet could get all the customers and business associates? And did you ever look at these people with envy because you wanted to possess the magic that they did?

I can tell you that I did when I was young. But back then, when I asked my dad how I could go about getting some of that allure, he shot me off my saddle. I was about 14 at the time. This was before he stopped drinking and before we become close again and it seemed my innocent question was an affront to him.

He told me in a scolding tone, “Listen, darling girl, that stuff cannot be taught. It’s not something you can learn. You’ve either got it or you don’t. You’re either born with it, or you’re not. So, you need to accept it and make do with what little personality qualities God choose to bless you with. You’re going to have to cope with the fact that some things, you’re just stuck with.”

This broke my heart because I was already a target of bullying then and I was desperately searching for ways and habits I could form to make myself less a target. Even then, I knew that one had to have at least a degree of persuasive abilities to survive and get through this life. I also knew that bullying was something that held it’s targets back in so many ways.

I wasn’t only brokenhearted, I was crushed. So, I gave up on my quest for a long time and just resigned myself to the possibility that I would always be a target and began to feel hopeless.

Thank goodness that about four years later, I discovered that my dad was wrong and this je ne sais quoi I so strongly desired was, in fact, something people could learn and practice until it became like second nature. And so, I began a years-long quest of ordering and checking out books on irresistible charm and practicing what I learned. And it ended up paying huge dividends!

Before I give you the answers, I must note that, the tips I suggest will never work on your bullies or anyone else who knows you in the bullying environment. I say this because these people already have their minds made up about who you are. Their judgements of you only become iron clad and nothing will ever change their minds. But that’s okay, do you really want to change their minds. And, at this point, do you really care what they think?

Therefore, I’ve always suggested finding a way to leave the bullying environment and going somewhere where you can start fresh with a clean slate. And once you’re in a brand-new environment, you can then put what you’ve learned to good use.

So, what are ways a target of bullying can schmooze successfully and make friends, connections, and allies of the new people he/she meets? Look no further, because here they are:

1. Smile! And by smile, I mean do it authentically. A real, genuine smile is one complete with the crinkles around the outer corners of the eyes. If there are no crinkles around the eyes, the smile is fake.

2. When you’re talking to a person, say their name. According to Dale Carnegie’s book, entitled, “How to Make Friends and Influence People,” a person’s name is music to their ears. Saying their name when you speak to them just makes them feel that having a conversation with you is all the better.

3. Engage in small talk. Never talk about anything deep. Great small talk conversations discuss topics such as the weather, sports, movies, music, and current events (just don’t go to deep on the current events).

4. Become interested in other people and their lives. People always love someone who’s interested in them.

5. Make people feel good about themselves. If your next-door neighbor’s wife has a brand-new hairdo and you think it looks great, tell her that. If a couple in your church has just had a baby, congratulate them and compliment them on how adorable their baby is. Genuine, heart-felt compliments can make someone’s day. So, don’t be short on praises and compliments. 

6. Say, “Thank you.” If your nephew mowed your lawn for you and your yard looks great, thank him for it and tell him what a great job he has done.

7. Ask questions (without being nosy, of course). Ask innocent questions. For example, if your business partner has a son who’s in his first year of college, ask, “How’s your son doing in school?” or “How does your son like college life so far?” Your business partner will appreciate that you thought to ask and he’ll like you more for it.

8. Be kind. In the increasingly cruel world we live in, a kind word goes a long way. Especially for people who are bullied and abused because they’re the ones who need kindness the most. If someone is having a difficult time, give them encouragement. Finding the voids that people have and filling it for them is the best way to make their day and they’ll appreciate you for it. Remember that kindness costs nothing. So, spread it around!

These are some of the best ways to schmooze and increase your charisma and likability. However, if you’re a target of bullying, you might be too afraid to do these things. But you must take the first step, and do it scared, but once you do and the more you do it, the easier it will come to you until it becomes like second nature.

With knowledge comes empowerment!

Notice: I will delve deeper in my upcoming eBook, “Schmooze It or Lose It: Ways to Increase Charisma and Live Down a Bad Reputation”

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