Songs and Nostalgia

Songs tend to arouse memories of certain times in my life- when I was in school, graduation, when I had my children, etc. They take me back to a time that was much simpler, and freer.

“Say Say Say” Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney. 1983

“Vogue” Madonna (1990) This song takes me back to just before high school graduation, having just married and being six months pregnant with my first child.

“Hit by love” by CeeCee Peniston and “Too Funky” by George Michael take me back to when my second child was born. When I was in labor, I needed a focal point to keep my mind off the contractions which seemed to engulf me. In the hospital, the TV in my room and I asked the nurse to turn the channel to VH1 where I could use the music as a distraction. The videos to these two songs played.

I kept my eyes focused on the TV as I did my breathing, which went something like,

“Hee-hee-hee-hee-hooooo. Hee-hee-hee-hee-hooooo!” It definitely helped. LOL

Do you have songs that take you back in time? Perhaps to special life events that happened in your life? Feel free to comment below?