Silence Can Be Golden- Even for You

As everyone knows, bullies are loud, obnoxious, and talk…most of them always talk and never shut up. Most targets are quiet, and yes, many are silent because of the fear bullies have instilled in them. However, there are those targets who are quiet for a different reason- they know that you can’t observe as effectively when you’re busy yapping.

When you’re quiet, you’re watching people closely and you’re also listening very carefully to them. Your silence allows you to pick up so much more.

You watch, you listen, and you learn so much about your bullies and bystanders too. You watch their body language and you can do it without staring- instead, you can use your peripheral vision and no one will suspect a thing from you.

You listen to their voices- tonality, pitch, the slightest quiver- and it tells you so much.

They always say that it’s the quiet ones you should watch out for.

In this case, they’re right! Because, on our silence, we can pick up everything and have you figured out in no time.

Understand that we may not be talking, but trust me- we’re watching you like a hawk and we’re listening. We’re studying your every micro-expression, analyzing every tiny detail in your movements and actions, and assessing every little sound you make. We’re also constantly thinking and planning. So if you’re a bully, especially a loudmouth one, don’t underestimate us. Remember, “it’s the quiet ones you must watch out for.”

And if you’re a target, use your silence to figure out not only your bullies, but also the bystanders and those who claim to be your friends too.

With knowledge comes power!

Another Weapon Bullies Can Use Is Your Predictability

Being predictable is dangerous. Because if a bully can predict your reaction or your next move, it’s game over. Remember that bullies are very socially intelligent, and they tend to spot behavior patterns in their victims.

Bullies carefully observe a potential target, looking for any patterns of behavior, habits, and weaknesses. They closely monitor your reactions to everything, what ticks you off, what makes you happy, and what excites you. They scrutinize the way you do things, even the way you arrange objects.

They study your moods, body language, and expressions to feel out your emotional state. And in observing you, bullies leave no stone unturned.

Bullies are like bank robbers who case out a bank before pulling off the heist. The robbers get the bank’s layout, search for any vulnerabilities in the security system, and look for any patterns of patrols and the comings and goings there.

Is it any wonder that being targeted for bullying can feel like being under a microscope? Like you’re being watched? It’s because you are!

Being too predictable is unwise when you’re bullied. Instead, make it a point to be unpredictable. Be as fluid with every as you possibly can. I know it won’t be easy because we’re all creatures of habit. It’s going to take work.

But understand that bullies fear a fluid person and will leave him/her alone if they aren’t sure how they’ll react. So, try new things every day, in everything. It will surely pay off!

The more you know, the better your defense.