Bullies, Cowards, and Chumps

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Have you noticed that bullies love to talk smack? They trumpet to the world about how tough they are and that, in so many words, everyone else should bow down and tremble in their presence.

Bullies work hard at beating their chests and bluffing. It only goes to prove that they’re the least confident and most insecure schmucks on the face of the earth. In other words, anyone who must announce that they’re tough, smart, awesome, take your pick, can’t be.

In contrast, people who do have any of these qualities are usually the quiet ones. They don’t have to talk about it. How many times have you heard stories about the quiet kid beating the crap out of the loudmouth bully who pushed him too far?

Genuinely tough people never talk. You don’t see these people running around, spouting off about how tough they are because they don’t have to. They don’t need to tell you about it because they already know they’re tough and there’s no need to prove it to anyone. They’ve already proven it to themselves and that’s enough.

Bluffs, Blowhards, and Windbags

Therefore, if any bully messes with them, they will get hurt.

I’ve dealt with thousands of people of this caliber and one thing I noticed a long time ago is that they’re loudmouth losers. They puff out their chests and flap their lips, talking about how they’re going to kick this person’s butt, whip that person’s butt- they never stop. With these chumps, it’s one pissing contest after another.

As a result, having to constantly listen to their gas gets boring real fast. Why? Because, again, that’s all you hear out of them. Anyone who must spit such rubbish isn’t only trying to convince the rest of the world, they’re also trying to convince themselves.

These are characteristics of every single chump who has ever bullied me in my lifetime. It’s not only pathetic, but laughable that they must go through life this way.

Furthermore, these people are so incredibly insecure that you can trigger them and set them off by challenging their toughness, popularity, intelligence, or what have you. Their egos are just that fragile.

These bullies may even approach you and get in your face if they have their entourage of lackeys behind them.

If you’re a target of bullying, know this. Your bullies are total fakes. They’re phonies. Cowards. Chumps!

When you stop and think about it, it’s hard to hate anyone who is this pathetic. They only thing you can do is feel sorry for such pitiful souls.

Again, remember that those who are genuinely tough don’t have to talk about it. It’s just there.

Always remember this the next time a bully shoots his mouth off at you or gets in your face. Feel confident in knowing that you’re not like this person and you don’t have to resort to such buffoonery. This alone should be a real self-esteem booster.

With knowledge comes empowerment!

Bullies, Boasting, and Backfiring

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Bullies have big mouths. When they succeed in taking their targets down, you can bet that they will boast about it later.

I say this because many of my classmates were chronic boasters and braggarts. Anytime a bully beat me up physically or verbally, they would immediately boast about it to get the “street cred” and make that power-high last a little longer. They would also do it to got attention and props from others.

“I let her have it!”

“I cursed her out!”

“I threw her little ass down the stairs!”

“I body-slammed that b*tch!”

“I kicked her butt!”

“I made her nose bleed!”

“I choked her out!”

“I threw her on the floor and kicked her in the ribs! I wish I’d broke her ribs!”

“I told her off!”

Oh, yes! They were so proud of themselves and wanted the world to know how they put “a girl like her” in her place.

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And anyone listening would laugh derisively and openly, and sometimes they would brag and laugh right in front of me and even some of the teachers.

‘You see? Bullies get their egos involved in the bullying of a target and they’re going to prove them wrong, by George! They’re going to humiliate them. They’re ’re going to show this person that they aren’t as good, safe, independent, strong, or brave as they think they are. They’re going to get them and they’re going to get them good and make them feel it when they do!

But here’s what I didn’t realize back then:

In their incessant boasting, my classmates were admitting that they were bullying me and without even realizing it. They were too stupid to realize that they were admitting who the real target was and who were the bullies. By letting everyone know that they had all the power, and I was powerless, they admitted their bullying behavior.

And had I realized this when it was happening, I would not have felt so crushed, and would have been able to use it to my advantage.

I would have used their brags as evidence that they really were the perpetrators and possibly stopped being abused by them. But who thinks about that at age 12, 13, or even 17?

Fortunately, I only thought of this years later, after a bullying incident at work, during which I was accosted by a vicious coworker who, as you can probably guess, bragged about it later. And after using it to my benefit by calling it out, I was amazed at the results.

The coworker ended up with a week’s suspension and the bullying came to a screeching halt. From that day forward, she avoided me and never even looked in my general direction.

I want you to know that, if you’re a target of bullying and your bullies openly brag about taking you down, that right there, folks, is a confession!

It is important that you point that out. You can say something to the tune of:

“Oh, so, you admit to bullying me? Nice! Now, I don’t have to convince anyone. You did that for me! So, thank you!”

If a teacher or supervisor is present. You can turn to them and say,

“Uh-huh! See there? Straight from the horse’s mouth. They just admitted that they attacked me. Now, who’s the instigator?”

Do this and be pleasantly amazed (and tickled pink) when you see your bullies’ faces change from smug looks of arrogance to looks of horror and humiliation, knowing they really stepped in it by opening their traps. Then you can smile devilishly as they try desperately to pull the foot out of their mouths!

Remember that loose lips sink ships and boasting can backfire. Royally!

Always point out the bullies’ confession. Use your bullies’ boasting to trap them. You’ll be surprised at just how fast you shut them down.

With knowledge comes empowerment!