Townies, Cronies, and Hayseeds II C2.3

Once she was done with her packing, Brielle went across the hall to Jane’s room and knocked at the door.

“It’s open.” Jane called from inside.

Brielle entered. Jane was sitting at her computer. She spun around in her twirl chair and got a straight shot into Brielle’s bedroom.

“Mom, what’s going on. Why are the suitcases packed?”

“That’s what I’m fixing to talk to you about. I need you and Olivia to come into my room.” Brielle advised.

“Olivia!” Jane called out, “Mom wants to see you!”

Olivia came into Jane’s room holding the baby on her hip.


“Let’s go to my room. We need to talk.” Brielle told her.

Olivia looked at Jane, then back at her mother.

After the girls followed their mother into the bedroom, they all sat on the side of the bed. Brielle looked at her girls and spoke.

“Girls, I know this is going to be a hard thing for you. But I’ve decided that we have to pack up and move back East. We cannot continue to live with your Dad and his temper. There’s just no point in living in fear any longer. We must have some peace. And I feel I’m setting a very bad example for you girls, by staying in this marriage. No woman should ever stay in a marriage with a man who is abusive. I know you’re going to miss your dad, but I can’t let him hurt us anymore. I hope you understand.” She explained.

Breaking it Gently to the Children

A tear ran down Jane’s cheek.

“I understand, Mom. I love Dad and yes, I’ll miss him. But I understand,” she said.

Olivia gave Jane the baby, then cupped her face in her hands. She sobbed as Brielle put her arms around both the girls as Jane held on to the baby.

“I promise you. Everything’s going to be alright. You will get to see Granny more. Maybe even spend the night with her on the weekends. You’ll get to eat her banana bread you loved so much when we traveled there last summer. We’ll get to see Uncle Paul and Aunt Melissa. And also Uncle Jesse and Aunt Amy. You’ll get to see Uncle Joey and Aunt Julie and maybe they’ll teach you how to ride the horses. And you’ll get to see all your cousins.”

After holding her babies for about an hour and letting them cry until they couldn’t cry anymore, Brielle stood up.

“I’m going to help you both pack your things. Go ahead and get out your suitcases, duffle bags, and overnight bags. I’ll call Granny and your uncles and tell them we’re coming. Your Dad won’t be home until Saturday. We still have four days to pack, call a U-haul and get out of here. But I’d like to leave here by tomorrow morning. So, we need to pack and work fast.” Brielle said gently.

A Nosy Neighbor

Little Kennedy soon grew sleepy. Brielle rocked her to sleep, then lay her in her crib for a nap. Once the baby was asleep, it was time to get moving. Brielle called her grandmother and brothers to tell them they were coming, then she called the movers to come get the girl’s beds and dressers, Brielle’s grandmother’s old recliner, the queen-sized bed out of the guest room and the furniture that went with it. She also had her old furniture from when she was single and living in her apartment.

The girls quickly emptied their closet and dresser drawers, folded their clothes and placed them in their suitcases and duffle bags.

They could not take a chance of packing the Escalade during the day for the nosey neighbor across the street, Geneva. Bill always had her watching the house. But she was older and went to bed with the chickens. So, Brielle decided that they would pack the car that night after they were sure Ms. Geneva had gone to bed.

It was a good thing that the older lady went to the retirement center to play bingo every Wednesday at 10am and she would be gone for two to three hours. And most of the other nosy neighbors worked during the day. That would be the perfect time for the movers to arrive and load up all their furniture.

An “Upstanding” Guy

Bill had that lady and a few others watching that house like hawks and it infuriated Brielle to no end. He always made the excuse it was to keep them safe. But Brielle knew better.

She could not count the times Bill had accused her of cheating on him while he was away and slapping her around over it. And to everyone outside the house, Bill was a real stand-up guy. Only Brielle and the girls knew what he really was.

Bill had a way of drawing people to him. He had charisma and he could lie like a dog and make you believe it. This man could charm a nun right out of her panties if he wanted to. He sure had Brielle when they were dating. Had her fooled right up until they got married. And once he got that ring on her finger, off came the mask.

And what made this so frustrating was that Bill’s superb reputation outside the home, as both a businessman and an awesome and lovable guy, was the main thing that prevented Brielle from speaking out about the abuse she and the girls suffered. Who would believe that such a great man would abuse anyone, much less his own family? Even worse, who would take the word of a stripper turned lowly housewife over that of an esteemed businessman?

A “Bad Influence”

Those things alone were enough to intimidate and silence Brielle. But the fact was that the pressure was building, and she had to pack her things, take her kids, and get the hell out of Dodge before she snapped and either hurt Bill severely, or killed him.

No way would Brielle spend the rest of her life in prison over some narcissistic creep who seemed to take pleasure in having power over people. For fourteen long years already, she had been a prisoner in her own home. Damn if she was going to exchange one prison for another. Screw replacing one jailer with a slew of others.

Brielle had only one friend in the neighborhood that she could trust and that was Karen Fritz. Karen was the only person who knew the real Bill. She was also the only person that Brielle could trust with her secrets and her children. Bill detested Karen, calling her a bad influence for his wife and girls. No surprise there. Bill felt threatened when Brielle and the girls talked to anyone.

Brielle called the moving company and told them to arrive at 10 the next day, then she and the girls spent the rest of the day packing their things. That night at just before midnight, she and the girls loaded all the suitcases, duffle bags, overnight bags into the Escalade and locked the doors. And because the windows of the escalade were tinted, Brielle did not worry about anyone walking by the next morning and noticing the contents of the SUV so easily.

Brielle thought for a moment. How would Bill take it once he got back home and found that they were all gone? And more importantly, what would he do?

Excerpt from “Townies, Cronies, and Hayseeds II (A Collective Grudge)” By Cherie White

…Brielle was taking a huge step, perhaps, the biggest step she had ever taken. After fourteen years of being verbally and physically abused, Brielle had taken her three children, left her husband, and was moving back east to Tennessee- no easy task by any stretch of the imagination, and neither was it an easy decision.

It was downright scary. Brielle still cared for Bill, even loved him a little bit. But she had to love herself and her girls more than she did him. She had to do what was best for the three of them. If she did not fart around, she would already be in Tennessee by the time Bill returned home on Saturday.

Brielle could only imagine the look on his face when he pulled into the driveway and realized that Brielle’s escalade was gone. She could also imagine the shock as soon as he entered the house to find them all gone, along with Brielle’s and the girl’s belongings. Bill would shit a gold brick! That much she knew, and it was best to get as far away as she could from that.

Brielle then thought back. Bill had been a complete psychopath. He had started out verbally abusing Brielle. Then it escalated to physical abuse and Brielle had reach her breaking point. She thought back to her high school days and how horribly her classmates had bullied her during her middle school and high school years.

She wondered. Why was it that women who were bullied in school always seemed to attract, fall in love with, and marry bullies? She couldn’t understand it. It seemed that no matter what she did, she always attracted more bullies and more abusers. But she finally realized that there were things she had to change within herself before she could stop allowing these types of people into her life.

After years of wondering if there was something wrong with her, Brielle finally concluded that there was never anything wrong with her. Bill had the issue. Bobby, Rita, and the rest of the creeps who had bullied her in school- they had had the issue! Thanks to Shannon Crooke McGregor and her books, Brielle had come to the realization that each of her abusers were the ones who had the problems.

She then became angry- angry at her abusers for brainwashing her into thinking that she “made” them hurt her. And most of all, angry at herself for allowing it! Brielle was angry at herself for taking the blame for their disgusting behavior! For taking the blame for the battering of her own spirit! And this time, she was done!

She was done with Bill, she was done with every person who’d tried to destroy her spirit in the past, and she was done with being treated like a piece of garbage. Brielle was bound and determined that she was going to take control of her own destiny- that she was going be happy for once in her life and that her girls were going to see an example of a strong woman instead of one who was powerless.

Brielle was not only leaving for herself; she was leaving for her girls. She wanted to set an example for her young daughters and to send them a message – that they didn’t have to take abuse from a man. Ever! That it was okay to leave when you didn’t feel safe. And that is exactly what she planned to teach her daughters from here on out.

After spending the night in a five-star, pet-friendly hotel in Arizona, Brielle, the kids, and the dog set out once again. It was Thursday and the sun shone high in the sky.

After another two-days of driving and spending the night in hotels, Brielle and her brood finally arrived at her grandmother’s house in Tennessee. It was Saturday morning and Bill would not be getting back to California until later in the evening. Several kids were playing in the yard when the family pulled up. And there were lots of chickens in the yard pecking and scratching.

Brielle and the kids got out of the car. Bandit barked as he jumped from the vehicle and ran around the yard, sniffing the grass for a good spot. The kids ran up to Bandit and began petting him. Bandit sniffed the kids then stood there and let them pet his fur.

Brielle’s grandmother came outside and placed her arm around her. Brielle’s brothers and cousins also came piling out of the house with their wives.

“You’ve just had a long drive, so you and the girls go on in and rest. We’ll unload your truck and bring your stuff in for you. Now, the movers got here a few hours ago and unloaded your recliner and other stuff. I had them put it all in the shop behind the house.” Grandma Bennet told her.

“Thank you, grandma. How’s Mom?” Brielle asked.

“She and your daddy went on their second honeymoon. They won’t be back until next week.”

“Right. I knew their anniversary was coming up and they would be out of town. I didn’t call them and let them know I was coming because I didn’t want to put a damper on their plans.” Brielle said.

“Nonsense! You should’ve called them, Brielle! They would’ve helped you.” Grandma Bennett scolded her.

“I know but I didn’t want to bother them right now.”

“Honey, you’re not a bother, I promise. Now get inside and go lie down a while if you’re tired.” Grandma Bennett said before she squeezed Brielle tight and gave her a kiss on her cheek. Brielle then gave hugs to each of her three brothers and three cousins.

“Oh, it’s so good to see you, baby sister!” Jesse, Brielle’s oldest brother gushed as they hugged each other tight, “I was hoping you’d come back home someday. But I understand why you left.”

“Thank you, Jesse. You’ve always been my protective big brother and I love you for it!” Brielle said sweetly.

“I love you too, Little Sis!”

Brielle came to Joey, her second oldest brother and Joey spread his arms out to hug her.

“I’m so glad to see you, Sugar! It’s been too long!” He said lovingly as he embraced his sister, “So, are you here to visit or…”

“I’m here for good, Joey. I’m not going back to California. I left Bill and I’m going to divorce him.” Brielle told him.

Brielle’s cousin Tim spoke up.

Open door on long empty asphalt road, highway towards sun. Hope, success, new way concepts etc.

“Good! ‘Cause I never liked that fool anyway.” Tim remarked.

Brielle then hugged her youngest older brother Paul, then each of her cousins.

“I didn’t like Bill either.” Grandma Bennett added, “There’s always been something off about him. He just gave me a suspicious vibe, Brielle.”

“I understand, Grandma. And I don’t blame you. I’m home for good this time. I’m not going back.” Brielle assured her, “I just want to spend time with my family.”

“Well, we’re so glad you’re home, honey! And we’ll help you anyway we can.” Grandma Bennett said in her loving, grandmotherly tone.

She turned to Brielle’s three brothers Joey, Jesse, and Paul and cousins, Tim, James, and Jerome.

“Boys, let’s get Bri’s and the girls’ things in the house.”

“Yes, ma’am!” Jesse said excitedly as they all opened the hatchback of the Escalade and went to work unloaded the suitcases and bags.

That night, Grandma Bennett cooked a large supper of two rotisserie whole large chickens, mashed potatoes, blackeye peas, greens, and cornbread.

“Wash your hands for supper, everyone!” she called as Brielle led the girls into the bathroom. After everyone had washed their hands, Brielle’s three brothers, three cousins, and two oldest daughters all sat down at the long table in the dining room as Brielle helped Grandma Bennett set the table. Next, Brielle lifted the baby out of her play pin, then prepared her baby food. She then sat down with the baby in her lap and spoon fed the child while everyone else ate.

“So, how was your trip, Brielle?” Grandma Bennett asked.

“Exhausting. I think me and the girls are going to sleep good tonight.” Brielle replied.

“Well, I’ve got your bed ready in the quest room. The girls can sleep in the second guest room upstairs. The boys will be leaving to go home after supper.”

“Thank you so much, Grandma. You don’t know how much I appreciate this.” Brielle told her.

Back in California, Bill pulled into the driveway in his BMW. Noticing that Brielle’s vehicle was gone, he got out slowly then paused and stared at the empty space in the driveway with an annoyed look on his face. He then looked around.

Bill took his briefcase out of the trunk. After closing the trunk, he went to the front door, unlocked it, and went inside the house. He dropped his briefcase when he took one look around the house and realized that not even the dog was there. He also noticed that Brielle’s recliner was missing as were the baby’s play pin, toys, and Brielle’s pictures of her family and a few pictures of the girls.

Bill then raced upstairs, into the master bedroom and jerked open the door to the walk-in closet. Brielle’s clothes were missing. He then darted into the bathroom. Sure enough, Brielle’s makeup and toiletries were also missing.

Next, he ran into the girl’s rooms and noticed that they were completely empty, no beds, no vanities, no computers, no desks, no pictures, no toys or nick-nacks. Nothing. He burst into the baby’s room. Again, nothing. Jane’s, Olivia’s, and the baby’s rooms were all empty and bare.

After making a mad dash down the stairs, Bill went into the kitchen and found three cellphones lying on the counter- Brielle’s, Jane’s, and Olivia’s. In a rage, Bill picked up one of the phones and, with a scream of fury, hurled it through the window in the patio door.

He then found a note on the far counter by the stove and picked it up. It read:


I have been doing a lot of thinking over the last few months. Things haven’t been good between us for a long time now and I think that it’s time to end our marriage and go our separate ways. The girls and I deserve to be happy, and we haven’t been because all you do is hurt us. Well, I won’t let you hurt us anymore. I’m determined for us to be happy and I’ve come to the conclusion that we’ll be much happier without you.

Don’t worry. You can still come see the girls. I won’t keep them from you. But we just can’t live with you anymore. I wish you all the best in life. Know that I’ll always care about you. You’re the father of my children. But I’m not in love with you anymore. Little by little, you killed that love with each slap, each punch in my face, each time you called me a bitch, and each time you verbally assaulted me. And now it stops.

You go on with your life and let me and the girls go on with ours. That’s all I ask of you.



Ps. Here’s my new number if you need to talk to the girls.


Bill took the letter, crumpled it up, and threw it across the kitchen.

“Goddammit!” He screamed, “That bitch!”

He then walked over to where the crumpled letter had landed, picked it back up, and straightened it out. Next, he read it again. He then took out his cellphone and dialed the number written in the letter….