Opportunity To Forgive — Inner Energies

A beautiful post about forgiveness by the “Inner Miracles” blog.

What does Forgiveness mean to you? Well for me I think forgiveness is understanding the other persons perspective and having some empathy for what they are going through and understanding that they may not have realised what an impact they were having you on. But I have never been the sort of person who subscribes […]

via Opportunity To Forgive — Inner Energies

2 thoughts on “Opportunity To Forgive — Inner Energies

  1. I always thought forgiveness was quite difficult.. especially for me, but now I’ve learnt a whole lot more of forgiving.. myself first, as the lord says the people that have hurt you.. forgive them.. because in the end you are the one that will shine!!! And I totally agree on your post above about forgiveness..this is a beautiful piece..and you have a strong heart…♥️😘…

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