Never Be Afraid to Be Alone


I won’t kid you. Being alone can sometimes make a person vulnerable. However, being surrounded by negative people makes you just as vulnerable if not more so. Therefore, being alone can be much better than keeping company with spiteful people who only bring you down.

As difficult as it may be, sometimes you must weed out all these ungrateful souls who don’t see your worth to make room for more positive, caring and loving people to come in.


Get rid of anyone who makes you feel bad about yourself and only keep company with those who love and respect you. Keep the people in your life who value your opinions, even when those opinions are strong.

If someone is not treating you like you deserve to be treated, never be afraid to let them go, even if it seems that they’re your only options at the moment.


Remember that we must do things that don’t feel comfortable and that are downright scary for any positive change to happen.

Positive change requires that we take risks!

4 thoughts on “Never Be Afraid to Be Alone

  1. Cherie, this post I feel just unlocked why I like to be alone.
    I was constantly bullied in school, never did fit in with any crowd.
    I have cut ties with quite a few people because they were so negative. To be honest many were my own close family. I do not miss all of them at all. Only have one relative that I keep in contact with. An aunt of mine who was like a second mother. She watched us while my mother worked out of the home.

  2. I could agree more!!! I’m more calm, and have my power back since I cleaned up my surroundings. I rather be alone in my own company then alone with “friends”. To have the energy and self confidence suck out of you is dreadful. Really good post

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