11 thoughts on “Adapting and Overcoming

    • Charles Darwin? Honestly, I don’t know much about him other than he was a scientist and made a few discoveries. I guess I need to research him more.

      • He was very strongly racist and an outspoken atheist. Declared people are mistakes and chance based on mutations, the basis for evolution. Really bad guy. He happened to write that quite true quote, though. There is still a good spark in every person, God gives us opportunities to do good if we choose to.😀❤

          • Sure our. For a very long time. I cannot even imagine. So happy you are saved!!!! From what you have been through, I praise God you trust in Him!!😀❤

  1. Cherie, I enjoy the thoughtful words of Charles Darwin. This quote is relatable to all of us because we continue to adapt to life’s changing currents almost daily. Peace be with you.

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