Highly Unusual Event Today: Facebook and All It’s Family of Apps (Instagram, WhatsApp) Down All Over the World

It seems that facebook and it’s spinoff apps are down all over the world. Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp shut down at around 11:45am this morning.

Granted, I can live without Facebook, I lived without it before, but I feel for the businesses and people who relied on it and don’t believe they can. I hope that many businesses and individuals thought ahead and set up accounts with the apps on the Parallel Internet (bitchute, Cloudhub, Rumble, MeWe, Gettr, and Parler). Because that’s where I’ll be!

Have a great day, guys! Sending lots of love!


55 thoughts on “Highly Unusual Event Today: Facebook and All It’s Family of Apps (Instagram, WhatsApp) Down All Over the World

    • Absolutely. I ditched Twitter back in January and I’m glad I did. I kept Facebook to chexk.on my family and friends. But I didn’t and still don’t use it like I did before.

  1. We all should enjoy and celebrate life without social media platforms and….. we might see something more beautiful and interesting 🌞👍just look around😉

    • I totally agree, Angela. SM is highly overrated (expect blogging platforms, of course). I ditched my Twitter account the first of this year and don’t get on Facebook nearly as much as I used to. Only to communicate with family and friends and even that’s limited. Personally, I can live without Facebook and I hope it stays down for good. I can always call family and friends on the phone. 😊👍😁

  2. As you know (I think you know) I nuked my FB account as of about a month ago.
    I have never felt so ‘free’ since I did that.
    But, I do concur.
    Lot’s of folks rely on FB for income.
    So I feel for them.
    F*c*kel Burg?
    I despise him.

  3. I left Facebook and Twitter in Jan. Unfortunately the Northern California wildfires seem to only use Twitter and Facebook for their public alerts and I had to reactivate my Facebook account in order to be in the know. Now that the wildfires are contained, I will deactivate once again. I do wish public entities would use another platform.

    • If you lives in the vicinity of the fires, know that you and your neighbors have my deepest prayers 🙏 And yes, I wish they would too. I guess they’ll learn sooner or later.

    • I hear ya. It doesn’t matter to me either and I kind of hoped they were down for good. I know that’s not a very nice thing to say. But…I can live without Facebook.

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