Rising Above Bullying

They tried to keep me oppressed

But I left them behind to reach success

They tried to bring me down

But I continued fighting and didn’t drown

I persevered and won my crown

At they stare me down with eyes of hate

I sail on through and continue to elevate

As they assault me with the evil word

With deaf ears, I press on their voices unheard

As they lay before me traps and snares

I avoid those snares and return a smug stare

As they fake, hiding their incompetence

I relax and move freely with confidence

As they align to attack me in droves

Like a Phoenix I rise above with love


I soar with the eagles

They only crawl with the snakes

45 thoughts on “Rising Above Bullying

  1. Awesome, fabulous poem. I love it so much. This is the kind of poem I admire and love to read. Please keep writing.

  2. This is a good poem and has much truth in it. But I would like to comment that we cannot always count on our own efforts to hold us up and keep us from drowning in the behavior of a bully. We must recognize that God is our true source of strength….a very present help in time of trouble.

    • I totally agree, and it’s through Him that we overcome bullying. I’ve mentioned in past posts that He carried me through those dark years and if it hadn’t been for Him, I never would’ve made it through. Thank you so much for your lovely thoughts on this, Mary. They’re appreciated more than you know.💖🕊🦋🤗

  3. Victims have to do the things you are doing and try to help and support others. They have to also be willing to help the more timid or those who have struggling with being bullied and be willing to stand up to the bully for then while encouraging them to the do the same.

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